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Our work is developed in a collaborative system, in which associated companies operate internally to generate the intelligence, strategy, and technology necessary for each solution aimed at education.

Innovation in the realization of exclusive projects and content is our great ally in the transmission of knowledge and professional improvement.

Discover the solutions made at Pecege:


With the collaboration of experts in economic analysis, market projections, and comparative analysis, we established a continuous academic research channel to generate technical-scientific information that helps in the sustainable economic development of Agribusiness.

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Events are fundamental to reinforce and diversify the transmission of knowledge. Therefore, we have a specific team that develops unique experiences for encouraging the connection and networking, making knowledge an exchange value among the participants.

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Audiovisual production

In our studios, we gather professionals specialized in script production, image and sound direction, camera operation, editing, and motion design to generate original content with the common goal of innovating the transmission and dissemination of knowledge.


From our partnership with a technology team specialized in data management and information treatment, we adopt unique solutions that are able to provide unforgettable experiences free from physical, virtual, cultural, and linguistic barriers.