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Your privacy is very important to PECEGE, therefore, in this document, all information regarding the processing and treatment of data is gathered.

This document clarifies the following:

  • How your data is collected
  • About Cookies
  • What data is collected
  • Why your data is captured
  • Who can access your data
  • How your data is protected
  • About third party data
  • About content sharing on social networks
  • User right
  • Changes in Privacy Policy
  • Contact for clarification of questions

Commitment to preserving privacy:

PECEGE is committed to preserving your privacy, in such a way that the intention of this document is to clarify you about what information is collected from users of the sites maintained by PECEGE and their respective services, as well as the way in which this data is manipulated and used.

PECEGE warns that if you do not agree to the content of this policy, it is not recommended to download materials and neither to use any of the services provided by PECEGE.

How your data is collected:

Data is collected by the websites maintained by PECEGE and by the channels of contact with PECEGE

Ways of information collection:

  1. Information provided by you – PECEGE collects personal identification information – such as name, gender, marital status, profession, education, number of personal documents, telephone, email, company in which you work, work role etc. – via filling of the forms.
  2. Navigation information on the site (cookies) – When you visit our sites, a ‘cookie’ is inserted in your browser through software like Google Analytics, among others, to identify how many times you have returned to our address. Information such as IP address is collected anonymously, geographical location, reference source, browser type, duration of the visit and visited pages. See more details in the topic “About cookies”.
  3. Contact history – If you send an email to PECEGE or contact any other channel, such as WhatsApp, providing your data, the information provided is stored, as well as all history of contacts performed. The goal is to customize the service and maintain records about the interactions you have with PECEGE.
  4. Events – If you have registered in any event organized or supported by PECEGE, it is possible that your data has been collected.

About cookies:

Cookies are files stored by the browser while you browse the Internet. They can be used to share data about your activities on our sites, such as: access language, device used to access and other information about your access to our websites.

PECEGE uses cookies to know how many times you have returned to the site, which pages you access, how long you remained, among other information.

The objective of using cookies is to store data about the experience of users of the said website and, from this data, improve the browsing experience.

What data is collected:

Through forms and events

Profile Data: information regarding the user profile, such as name, profile photo, link to your social networks.

Contact Information: User contact information, such as email, WhatsApp, address and phone.

Company Information: information regarding the company in which the user works, such as name, site, number of employees, sector of activity, among others.

Charging Information: identity document number, credit card data (not stored, only used for payment).

Content consumed:

We collect information about all content consumed by the user on our sites (such as downloaded files and videos watched).

Through cookies:

Preferences and pages access: information regarding user content preferences is saved. For example: which pages have been accessed and information about which operating system and devices have been used to access the site.

Geographic Data: information regarding the user’s physical location can be stored.

Demographic data: in some cases, demographic data can be stored about users, such as: age, gender, educational level and approximate income.

Through other contact channels (email, WhatsApp, chat and phone):

Chat history: when contacting support, commercial, administrative, financial or marketing, we may store the history of the conversation (whether by email, WhatsApp, chat or phone).

Why your data is captured:

All your personal information collected by the above means will be used to help make your visit on the sites as personalized and pleasant as possible.

Who can access your data:

Only PECEGE employees can see your personal information. Eventually, if your information is inserted in actions created in partnerships (e.g., FEALQ and University of São Paulo), partners explicitly identified will also have access to information. No personal information can be publicly released under no circumstances.

PECEGE also undertakes not to sell, rent or transfer your information to third parties. The only exception is in cases where this information is required judicially or by the Brazilian Public Administration.

PECEGE employees may also eventually contact you via email or phone to do research or present products, services and information.

How your data is protected:

All information collected regarding people who access PECEGE sites will be treated in agreement with LGPD.

At any time, you can check what data about yourself is in the PECEGE records.

To do so, just send an email to the contact center.

If you prefer, you can also request that your data be deleted and/or changed, simply requesting in the same contact channel.

PECEGE protects the confidentiality and safety of your information through software hosted on servers that meet the highest levels of security.

Although excellent protection and safety practices are adopted, no service in the world network of computers has 100% guarantee against invasions.

Therefore, PECEGE is not responsible for criminal acts of third parties, unforeseeable or force majeure cases.

User right:

You can choose not to receive electronic mail from PECEGE with disclosure of content, products and sales.

In this type of email there will be a link to cancel the subscription.

By clicking this link, you will be automatically removed from the mailing list.

Any form completed again can characterize the reinsertion of your email to the list.

Therefore, the request for cancellation should be made again if it is of your interest.


PECEGE warns that while the user is enrolled in a course, it will not be possible to cancel the receipt of electronic mail regarding the course in progress.

In addition, users also have:

  • Right to request change of the registered data.
  • Right to know what data is being stored.
  • Right to receive explanation about how your data is processed.

For how long is the data stored?

PECEGE will store your data for the time deemed necessary to meet its goals.

After the end of a course, the user can request removal of the storage of your data through the email

Changes in Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy can go through updates.

Therefore, PECEGE recommends that you visit this page periodically so that you have knowledge about the changes.

Before using information for other purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy, PECEGE will request your express authorization.

Contact for clarification of questions:

Any doubt regarding this privacy policy can be clarified by contacting through the email

PECEGE headquarters is located in Alexandre Herculano Street, nº 120, Bloc: A; Sala: T4; Vila Monteiro, Piracicaba-SP, CEP 13.418-445.

The use of the contents and services of PECEGE assumes the acceptance of this privacy agreement.